Cumberland Iron Works is a mid-sized fabricator and welding shop offering a wide range of services and capabilities. From schools or hospitals to office building and industrial facilities...we can help you complete your project from the ground up. We can also provide a countless number of fabricated parts and other metal products and can use your exact specifications or help create a custom design. C.I.W. is here to cover any and all of your welding and fabrication needs, serving Pennsylvania and its surrounding area.

​​Our Services Include:
Cumberland Iron Works In-House Detailing/Design 
We generate 2D plans & 3D models to aid in the fabrication and erection process of steel framework. These technologies allow us to maintain strong and focused plans/models for all projects, regardless of scope or complexity.  Knowing the project pieces will fit before any piece is fabricated brings peace of mind for all parties involved, from the owner right down to the connector on the job. Using 3D modeling software capable of outputting a variety of industry standard file formats enables us to assist with and/or comply with the BIM (Building Information Modeling) requirements of many of today's projects. These 3D models are an excellent aid for construction managers and erection crews even when not contractually required and are provided upon request as a service to our customers. We are happy to assist in training with use and navigation of the models.

Our facilities offer processing of all main members and angle/plate connection components ensuring accurate length and hole placement directly from drawing files from our detailers.  Once the parts reach the fit-up, layout and welding phases of the process, fabrication methods fall under the guidelines of AISC and AWS for tolerance and welding parameters.  We also fabricate all items typically found under the miscellaneous metals scope sections as well, including stairs, railings, etc.

Shop & Portable Weldin

AWS certified welders, Mig Welding, Tig Welding, Arc Welding - Mild Steel & Aluminum


Cumberland Iron Works performs field installation phase when requested, in turn offering optimum efficiency over the activities under any given contract.  

Product Capabilit
Beyond our construction capabilities, Cumberland Iron Works is also capable of fabricating any metal/steel item as a build to spec. type item.  This is included but not limited to: Solar Supports; Storage/Hanging Racks; Storage Bins; Off Road Parts/Accessories; or any other type custom fabricated part.  We are fully capable of fabricating steel and aluminum for all applications. 

Welding & Metal Repair Services
​Our team is proficient in all facets of welding and will do quality repairs on nearly any metal object. If it can be welded we will get it done. When it comes to serving our community with their welding needs no job is too small.

Fabrication of Non-Construction Metal Items
​C.I.W. your source for assistance in the design and fabrication of a wide range of metal items. Anything from a custom toolbox to a one of a kind piece of industrial furniture and everything in between. Our team, from designers to welder/fabricators, through fit and finish enjoy a challenge and will give every effort to ensure your metal items meet or exceed your expectations.